Born and Raised in Ontario

The Tug-A-Doug was the brainchild of two Ontario students. After watching conservatives take office following the Ontario election, they looked around and found that people, more than ever, needed a way to vent their frustrations. Thus, the Tug-A-Doug was born. With extensive prototyping and rigorous feedback from locals, the team consistently updated the design until they were sure they had the perfect product.

The Tug-A-Doug is a proudly Ontarian product. The founders are Ontario born and raised university students and lovers of all things Ontario (including the nice and long winter season).

The goal of Tug-A-Doug is not just to make a fun product that your dog can chew on for hours (although this is certainly one of the results). Mostly it’s about awareness, and about drawing attention to some of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s less than great ideas and policies. It’s a quality dog toy that you can keep around the house, makes a great Christmas present for friends and relatives, but it’s also a reminder that we should take pride in everything Ontario has to offer.

What started out locally is now getting ready to expand to the whole of Ontario. Doug Ford is already here. Tug-A-Doug is hot on his heels!

Tug A Doug HQ is located at 326 Red River Rd., Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 1B1
We are also available for contact at

Take a peak at some of our early Tug A Doug prototypes!

We designed the Tug A Doug from the ground up.