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Tug A Doug

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Tug A Doug is a one-of-a-kind toy designed in Ontario. The chew toy comes complete front to back with all of Doug's well-known attributes – Ford Nation, Buck a Beer, outdated sex education, and cut of the carbon tax. Like Doug, this toy is tough, resilient to stress, and won't break under pressure! Get the politician you always wanted with Tug a Doug!


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Origin of Tug a Doug

Tug a Doug came to fruition after two concerned Canadian citizens watched their dogs agonize over the state of Ontarian politics. Seeing that there was no outlet for their frustration, they put their heads together, pooled all of their creative resources, and, after months of design work and product testing, conceptualized the Tug A Doug! The toy was designed not only to appease their furry little friends, but also as a gag gift for their human counterparts. Including all of Doug Ford's notable features, the Tug A Doug is a gift for everyone that keeps on giving.

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